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The more you donate the more you save. This blog provides the following: - Information on the project: the objectives, the methods, our partners and the results to date - Case studies - Lessons learnt - Reports, articles, videos and updates - Links to news in this space - An archive of donations Pages Sunday, November 27, 2011 As you know, the Corban University student fund is a student-managed project and because of that, we are not bound by any official university regulations. However, we are bound to conduct our projects in a socially responsible manner. Therefore, we must adhere to the following Ethics Policy. Our Ethics Policy states that we do not accept donations unless they can be shown to be within the guidelines set by the Canadian Charity Act. We will not accept any donations that are obviously immoral, illegal or would be a detriment to our project. This includes donations of substances such as tobacco, alcohol or pornography. If we are not given adequate time to evaluate a donation, we will decline it. We have limited resources and time to assess each donation, so we prefer to decline donations that are in conflict with the purpose of our organization and its mission. If you have any questions regarding our ethics, please email me at I can explain in much greater detail, but I would rather not do so online as it can be monitored by the university. However, if you contact me through this blog, or via e-mail, I will be happy to answer your questions. Ken Gasson November 27th, 2011 Our Ethics Policy Thank you for considering Corban University and its various student-led, student-managed, community projects. Our values and philosophies are based on student leadership, community involvement and education. We have a vision and mission that covers all aspects of our organization, including project management, fundraising, education, and communication. We all work together towards the common goal of the greater community, and we aim to deliver a high-quality program that ensures our students gain leadership skills, meet their professional and personal goals, and enjoy a rewarding experience. A major component of our work is fundraising, which involves raising funds to support a variety of student-led and student-managed projects. As a relatively new organization, we have not had a lot of experience in fundraising. The ability to access, analyze, and accept funds is the most complex part of




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